About Me

Who am I?

I was born and raised south of Dallas, in a small-ish town called Duncanville. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast. My mom started me when I was 3 years old and I never quit until I finally retired at the age of 23. I spent most of my high school years leaving school early and training my butt off for a full ride scholarship, but that all ended my Junior year with a torn ACL acquired at a college bound competition in front of about 30 college coaches. At that moment my future seemed dim. I started my Senior year off with taking dual credit classes and joining every school club I could in order to improve my academic record in hopes of small scholarships to help out.

Landing my acceptance letter to Texas State University’s Communication Design program was almost the highlight of that year in 2007 until I got a letter offering a full-ride academic scholarship from Coca-Cola, and partial scholarships from the American Business Women’s Association and the Lions Club. After four years, I graduated with honors and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, landed a full-time design job in New Braunfels, and decided to continue doing gymnastics as an alumni student.

In 2013, I finally retired myself as a gymnast and started a new athletic pursuit of CrossFit. Currently I am very competitive in CrossFit and soon Olympic Weightlifting. Along with my rigorous training schedule I continue to work full time at an advertising agency in New Braunfels, The AMMO Group.

“I want you to use a better font, Something fun like comic sans would be nice.”


My Process.

Discover your vision and research ways we can bring it to life.
Design an up-to-date and professional looking brand, logo or website that best represents your company.
Develop a plan to deliver the designed materials in a compelling manner.